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Monday, November 30, 2009

COTH Dinner - College Station, Feb. 27, 2010

Camp of the Hills will be hosting a dinner at The Zone Club at Kyle Field in College Station on Saturday, February 27, 2010. Plans for the evening include celebrating the Spirit-filled 20-year history of Camp of the Hills as well as preparing for the future of Camp of the Hills.

The cost of the evening has been totally underwritten by COTH supporters and is totally free to attend.

As well as celebrating God's work over the years and reuniting with camp friends, this will be a critcial evening for the future of Camp of the Hills. You may not be fully aware of the camp’s financial condition. At present, Camp is largely supported by members of its board and only a very small number of monthly donors. The primary purpose of this event is to broaden our base of sustained monthly support. Our target is those whose concern for COTH goes back to its early days. Many of our original supporters have Aggies for Christ and A&M Church of Christ ties and have faithfully given much of their time to COTH over the years but have not realized how much we need their regular financial support. That is why we are having the event in College Station. The situation is serious: camp will be unable to operate in Summer 2010 if we aren’t successful in getting more people to become regular monthly supporters. Our goal is to raise 100 commitments of $100 per month in order to allow COTH to move forward. You have witnessed how lives have been changed by Camp of the Hills. Campers have been touched; counselors have been moved and many have gone into other mission work because of their experiences with Camp of the Hills. It breaks our heart to think that COTH may cease to be.

The evening will consist of a complimentary dinner as well as a program that includes a video and several speakers focusing on taking a look back at all the work the Lord has done at COTH over the years.

There are two ways you can participate in this evening:

1. Commit to being a table host - this requires no monetary commitment. We ask that you commit to filling a table with 8 people (inlcuding yourself) who have a heart for Camp of the Hills and would enjoy an evening of fellowship and celebration.

A fun note - Table Hosts will act as the counselor for their guests during the service of the meal. We will be serving dinner Camp of the Hills-style with the Table Host (Counselor) bringing the tray of food over to serve his/her guests (campers). Sine meal time at COTH is such a fun and unique experience we are bringing in the silverware, plates, cups, trays, etc., from camp to use in the dining experience.

2. Attend the dinner as a guest and enjoy an evening of reunion and celebration of 20 great years.

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